Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thoughts & thoughts & thoughts

Candice and I have had an open dialogue going about her transitioning. It's been a great continual conversation, and has created a safe place for both of us to discuss our feelings. 

I've always thought that someday Candice would transition. I think from the first time she told me about her dressing. Maybe not that early- but as soon as she started blogging, and opening up, I figured her transition would be a reality in our lives. 

I have asked her numerous times, with her always saying no. Until recently. We love Against Me, and have been to a couple of their shows lately. At those shows, Candice was dressed, and it was the happiest I have probably ever seen her. Going to those shows and seeing her like that have made the conversation easier to talk about. We've also been listening to the Bailey Jay Show, and following a lot of her stuff lately, which I believe have also led to a more open conversation. 

Candice has role models & inspirations in Laura Jane Grace, and Bailey Jay.  which I think have helped her think about her own life in different ways. Have helped her think about things changing, that transition is a possibility. 

I wouldn't leave. Ever. I'm in love with who Candice is, and that will never change. I admit that I have some reservations... That's not the right word. I have some sadness about it. I would miss Camerin. Of course I would. I think that's natural to feel that way. But seeing the person I love most in life happy- would make up for that. Her happiness means the world to me- and I would do lanything to make her happy.... Seriously. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Candice & I are meant to be together. I also have no doubt that our life is meant to look different than everyone else's, no matter what that means. 

I am glad we have been talking about it. I don't know if Candice will transition or not. But I do know that I will be by her side no matter what. She is half my heart, always...

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