Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween is and always has been my favorite Holiday. This year my Halloween was more stressful and crazier than usual. I spent the week leading up to Halloween working 10-12 hour days- and by the time Halloween was here- it was my 7th day in a row working. I pretty much worked right through my favorite holiday- but there was one awesome night, that made it all worth it. Candice and I attended the Exotic Halloween Ball, and had a great time. Words cannot describe how excited i was to see my girlfriend- it had been at least 2 months since we had gone out. of course, she looked just as beautiful as ever, even more beautiful than i had remembered. Reminded me again, how important it is for us to go out together. i am hoping we can start going out more again- i don't think i can survive another 2 months without her. Look how beautiful she looked!