Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Classic Beauty

Last night Candice & I had dinner with her twin sister Cassandra, and it was simply amazing. 

Candice wore one of my dresses, which was a perfect fit for her. She looked so classically beautiful. It was a black & white polka dot dress and the makeup she did suited the dress perfectly. 

The conversation at dinner made my heart so happy. I mostly sat back and watched Candice & her sister interact. Listening to them talk about family members discovering Candice is trans, and then the topic of transition came up. That's when things got even more amazing. 

Candice opened up, and shared that transition is something we have been talking about. Her sister was incredibly supportive, told Candice that the only thing that mattered was her being herself.  She spoke about how it's nice to see Candice when she is dressed, because she looks comfortable and happy. She also spoke about how she wouldn't have any reservations about her two children (ages 8 & 6) knowing. She said that they would love Candice no matter what. 

My heart was overfilled with joy during these conversations. I know Candice has been nervous about what transition means, and what her family would say. I know that it meant a lot to hear her sister say such great words of support. Candice looked truly happy and comfortable- which was beautiful.

After dinner we watched The Fault in our Stars at our house with pjs on and some drinks. It was a perfect night.

 It was another reminder of why I am the luckiest girl in the world. Seeing Candice last night being comfortable and confident was my favorite thing about the night. 

Here is a pic from last night, doesn't she look beautiful? 

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