Monday, July 20, 2009

so much fun!

this first picture kinda isn't that great of us... however- its the only one we took at the club. lol. we were having too much fun to take pictures! Me and Candice had a wonderful time out, and it was something much much needed. she looked beautiful as always.
She got hit on by a guy, who didn't know she wasn't a GG, it was pretty funny... although i do a get a little protective feeling. Like i
puff out my chest and get all defensive of her... but only because i love her, and don't like people getting all touchy and what not... this time i let it go... he seemed pretty harmless. the best part of the whole night though, was getting to go home, and cuddle and kiss her. i had missed her so so much, and just wanted to spend quiet, sweet alone time with her. i don't like sharing her all that much! i am kinda selfish when it comes to my Candice time, and i think its because i don't get to see her all the time, so when i do, i want her all to myself. lol. anyways- we had a pretty stellar, amazing night, and definitely need to do it more often again... i miss the days of going out every week, and i am pretty sure she does too.


  1. Um, you two pretty much totally rock. I'm sure you know that, but I just wanted to say so!


  2. Ya i def miss the every week times... It will be like that again we have just been crazy busy latly I love you honey