Friday, July 3, 2009

random thoughts

after this weekend, it will be 2 weeks since me and candice went out. It makes me pretty sad when we don't get out every week. i miss my girlfriend when i don't see her. :( it just hasn't worked out the past two weekends... too much stuff going on. been thinking a lot about Candice, and about the community. Here in Sacramento, its not nearly enough of a presence. At Pride, there was a pretty good FTM presence, but not enough MTF. Other than the obvious queens riding in the cars and what not. But not enough TG's walking around at the festival. It actually made me and Candice kind of sad. In fact it made me want to start this blog even more, because i want to help. I want us to help progress the Trans community, especially MTF. I want to be that team on the forefront of every event, holding our heads high with extreme pride for who and what we are and stand for. The more out there we are, the better things will become. I dream so much of a day where Candice and I can walk around downtown sacramento, and not worry at all about what people are thinking, or what they might say... a day where its totally normal and accepted to be trans, and be proud. I want to see more TG's out at the clubs, because there are so few out there now, i want Candice to not be the only one most nights. (even though i think she likes the attention of being the only one) Trans is such a novelty right now... its the new "gay". You see a trans girl on TV shows randomly, and it feels like its just for the novelty of it... for the fact of being different and raising eyebrows. But not in the way of completely promoting acceptance. It's the "cool" new thing to do, and it just in some ways feels so wrong. i want to help change that. i want us to help change that...

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