Tuesday, July 28, 2009

minnesota ....

its been awhile since i posted... Camerons birthday was super good. the concert was AMAZING. seriously. the sounds, paramore and No Doubt were unreal!!! and cameron had a blast... which is the most important part. Now weare going to minnesota on thursday, and we come back late monday night. i am from minnesota- so its time to take him back to meet all the rest of my family and friends. :) i am pretty excited about it. we also are going to try very very very hard to go out one night while we are there. there is this fun place called "the 90's" that we are gonna try and go to... i am getting frustrated waiting for his wig to come... i really want it to come before we leave- but i am doubting it. its being shipped to my work so hopefully no one messes with it. :) this is such a jumbled mess right now... i am gonna just stop. :)

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