Tuesday, July 21, 2009

never did i ever imagine

that i would be sitting in my aunts bedroom on her computer looking for wigs for my boyfriend with her and my mom. never did i ever think that my mom would be the one paying for it! such a trip. I spent a good part of sunday on all sorts of different wig websites looking for a new wig for Candice. I found what i believe is going to be an amazing wig for her... (i had to do a little convincing to her though) and we ordered it yesterday. yay!

we leave for minnesota in 9 days. and i cannot wait! i am so excited for my family and friends to meet cameron... and i am so excited at the huge possibility of Me and Candice going out in my hometown! i would seriously love it so much. :) the whole trip will be nice though. we need some vacation time. life has been crazy busy, where we get at each others throats... we need to take that step back and just chill out, relax and enjoy each other.
(this is one of my favorite pictures of us)


  1. It's like having your own life size doll, isn't it? I have zero experience with wigs but good luck! Candace always looks so fem and gorgeous!
    My family is incredibly supportive as well. I think it's because I gave it to 'em straight with love and honesty.

  2. it kinda is like having my own doll... i always did want a "my size barbie" lol.

  3. So very cool Chelsea! Rock on! I hope you two (3?) have a great time in Minessota! It's like one of my favorite states for a silly reason, because General Jack O'Neill has a cabin there! Told you it was a silly reason! One of these days I'm going to get there and explore!

  4. Oh, and another thought, you know it's okay if you do talk about you here right? After all the title is Candice and ME, as in you. This way we can get to know you better. After all, what's that old saying?

    "Behind every great woman . . . is another great woman?" ;)

  5. thanks samantha! i know its ok... just feels a little off. haha. :) thanks for the comments. and thats not a silly reason to like minnesota- its a pretty awesome state- even though i left it, i still have nothing but love for minnesota!