Sunday, January 10, 2010

Much needed

Last night was amazing. Me and Candice both needed it. It was such a great night. We went out pretty early, we were at Faces by 9:30, ordered a pitcher of beer and then sat at a table and talked and drank our drinks. before long we were both feeling our drinks... (we are lightweights) we went into the hip hop room and danced and just had fun being goofy together. around 11 we went across the street to this restaurant called Hot Rods- its kinda tradition that we go to hot rods after being at the club. we ate some food, and were home by like midnight. which was pretty nice. It was so nice to spend time with candice- she looked gorgeous! It had been so long since i had seen her, i think i forgot home beautiful she was. :) last night was amazing, and just what both of us needed... :)

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