Saturday, January 9, 2010

crazy crazy crazy

Life has been nothing short of chaotic lately. Work has been crazy for both candice and me. Finding time for us has proven to be extremely hard. The holidays sucked all the energy and money out of us- which i am sure it did to most. and my blog seemed to just disappear from my mind. But i am back. :)

Somewhere in all the busy schedules, We found time to go on a short two day trip for our anniversary. We took 2 days off and went to Monterey and Santa Cruz for some relaxation. While in Monterey the first night, after going to the aquarium, eating lunch and just relaxing, Cameron took me down this dark dirt path alongside the ocean. We found a bench and sat there- looking at the stars and the waves crashing against the rocks. He stood up and asked me to stand with him, and directed my attention away from him. I kept talking to him, and he wasn't responding, when i turned around to find out why he wasn't talking, i saw him there, down on one knee, with a ring in his hand. He told me that i was his best friend and that he couldn't imagine life without me, and then asked "Will you marry me" i was already sobbing by this point, and of course said yes. :) We have set the date for May 15, 2011. gonna take our time so we can save up money and what not. i couldn't be happier. :)

Candice and I haven't been out since halloween. like i said- the busy schedules and the holidays made going out an impossibility. But we both have been dying to go out. We are doing so tonight- thank god! We went shopping today and both got new outfits. :) it felt so nice to go shopping for candice. I love picking out outfits for her, and it just felt good to know that we were gonna be going out- we both need it, especially Cameron. :) i will post pictures tomorrow and what not. I am making the decision to be better about this blog. I feel so bad for neglecting it for so long. Thank you to everyone who reads it, who hasn't left. :) i appreciate it. :)

much love. <3

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