Monday, October 6, 2014


I've been thinking a lot (as usual) but in a different way. I've been thinking about love and Candice. 

I've never had any restrictions on love or what that meant. I've never had expectations on who my partner would be, or what they would look like. I have always figured that finding love was hard enough- so there was no point in limiting who you could fall in love with. 

When Candice told me about her being trans, I waited for it to bother me, for it to make me run away- but it only made me want to stay more. Her soul was beautiful- and I was already connected to her. In a way I had never felt before. 

I can't explain what made me stay, or what made me unaffected, other than love. I had this overwhelming feeling that she was who I was meant to spend my life with, no matter what that looked like. 

There are some people who are so beautiful, so mystifying, so intriguing that you can't help but be drawn to them. She is one of those people. You get these connections, these feelings, that can't be explained, but all you know is that you want to see that person everyday, and you want to see them happy. 

She has the most amazing smile. The one she makes when she thinks no one is looking. When she is truly happy & content. And I live for that smile. I long for it everyday and feel blessed everytime I see it. 

Other people probably would have ran away, other people don't understand her. But she always made sense to me. Our relationship and connection just always made sense. 

And that's the only way I can possibly explain it. 

I truly believe we were made for each other. 

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