Friday, June 26, 2009

Pride 2009

pride 2009.
me and candice's first time. :) it was super amazing. We were super lucky, because Pride was being held within walking distance of our home. So we got up early and got ready, and walked the like 6 blocks or so to pride. We got there early, which was a good thing. :)
This event was a pretty big deal. It was not only our first Pride together, but it was the first time Candice has gone out in the daylight, let alone WALKING there. It was a pretty amazing time, and i know we both had a lot of fun. It felt amazing to be out at the park on a beautiful summer day with my girlfriend, and have no one question it or anything. amazing. I already can't wait for next year. I just really think Candice should be one of the girls with the tiaras in the cars! she is way too pretty not to be!!!

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