Friday, September 18, 2009

Halloween and what not...

sorry for the lack of updates lately. I started working for a different radio station- and its significantly busier than the last one i was at- which is for sure a good thing... but just leaves me tired more ofen. Candice and I are doing amazing. Her new wig looks fantastic. We are going out this weekend, to this "goth" club that we used to frequent. It'll be good to go back, and what not. Excited for some dancing, and the best people watching ever.

We went shopping for Halloween Costumes, early i know. But it was fun and we both found good ones. :) We will be attending the Exotic Zone Ball this year, which is a huge halloween party here in Sacramento. and its a big deal, because Candice will be going, not Cameron... i am excited. Candice is going as Alice in Wonderland.. and i am being a Sailor. :) super excited!

Me and Candice had a fun at home night the other night. I would post pictures, but they a. aren't on this computer and b. aren't totally appropriate. :) they are only a little naughty i swear... but it was a lot of fun, and she looked gorgeous as always. I had needed my alone time with Candice- i tend to get a tad jealous when we go out a lot with other people, because i miss her... :) anyways- i think that is about it....

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